The Revtra Pro Inc.'s primary services present options from traditional to online learning. Both present their own advantages depending on different types of learners. With the growing demand for accessible education, the trend is shifting towards online learning. As we desire to be the leading brand in educational and training services, we want to be able to conquer this area above all.


Online and blended learning programmes for effective learning platforms

Simulation technologies

Simulation technologies to maritime students and professionals to effectively teach the skills necessary for the workplace

Extend partnerships

Extend partnerships with educational institutions by providing technology services and support to facilitate online and blended learning

Provide opportunities

Provide opportunities for blended learning experiences that optimize both physical and virtual learning spaces

Promote innovative teaching

Promote innovative teaching strategies and learner-centered education through state of the art training rooms and classrooms



The effectiveness of graduates in standardized exams and assessment tests


The effective use of learnings in the respective field


The effective use of technology-enhanced classrooms for educational methods


Overall passing rates in professionals exams, assessments and other diagnostic exams private or government commissioned